Growing efforts to incubate software projects in Kampala

Young Programmers in Kampala

Young programmers inspire in Kampala

I have spent several days at the Department of Software Development and Innovations (DSDI) at the Makerere Faculty of Computing and ICT. The DSDI is a recent establishment of FCIT’s engagement in applied Software Research and the application of ICT in Education in Uganda. DISD focuses on the growth of software conception, design and development capacity at the Faculty of Computing and Information Technology. This is out of the belief that ICT plays an important role in development, and that local capacity to build and exploit ICT innovations is critical. Software, as a key foundation of ICT, is a critical part of any ICT growth plans.

Young developers have been recruited to work as interns with the current core team of full-time employees who have considerable experience in their areas. The department is working to deliver the infrastructure and talent needed to foster software innovations. Subsequent Projects have been identified; these are both internal and external projects.

This program builds on the foundations of the ‘National Software Incubation Centre’ (NSIC). This larger center aims to provide an opportunity to young graduates (software engineers) to give birth to their dream software projects and nurture them carefully in the initial critical phase. The centre has been set up to provide a training environment for prospective software engineers and is open to graduates of recognized Universities working on software development for both national use and export purposes. The NSIC has started and it is at its early stages. It has got 100 students and these were divided into 25 groups with 25 projects.


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