Simple solution for local Development Cooperation

Countries, districts, counties, sub-counties, villages, communities… organizations. There are countless organizations (in Northern Uganda for this case) actively participating in development activities. The numbers possibly reaching the drillion-kagillions. Many of them starting from the ground up, forming their mission statement, vision statement and formulating all the rest of those fancy activities that they plan to do. First grouping together some people, then going to the authorities to register by getting some ink pressed stamps on a nice piece of paper and ultimately going forth to eradicate poverty and change the world. Not knowing that the day before, possibly 3 fellow good do-ers from their neighboring villages or (sub) counties have passed by the same bureau to collect the same stamps on the same type of paper in order to pursue the same goals and carry out the same activities for a community just a few miles away; 20 minutes on foot, 2 minutes on the back of a boda. So, I guess you get the point, the actual problem addressed here is that there is no awareness of each other’s existence.

 As they desperately search for funding from (solely international) donors, and work hard to find partners to maintain supportive relationships in order for their well thought-up plans to flourish into reality, formed organizations exist parallel to each other. No system that enables them to notice each other and no systematic method for finding, connecting and collaborating with each other. The need for a “stamp” that automatically links their existence and allows for transparent insight in each others’ whereabouts and activities will more than likely be of relevant benefit for all.

Stay tuned for updates and Mock-Ups


One response to “Simple solution for local Development Cooperation

  1. Prince Ibanda

    hi Wouter, are you still in Uganda? if so [please get in tounch with me.
    Prince Ibanda Twaha

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