The 1%CLUB Uganda research report

frontpage kai After 8 months of extensive research, of which 2 full months have been spent in Uganda, the research report for the 1%CLUB is finished and published online at

As expressed in my thesis proposal, the research that I’ve conducted was focused around the following question:

“What are the challenges and the opportunities for the use of ICT and New Media by local NGO’s and CBO’s within the field of international development cooperation?”

The research report documents my findings in relation to this research question extensively in a Case Study Analysis. In this analysis i draw especially on my personal experiences in Uganda, the visits to organizations I’ve made and the people and situations I’ve encountered. The following table summarized my findings:


Next to the findings the report also consists of recommendations to the 1%CLUB. Finally all my case stusies are listed in the appendix. Access the full version of the 1%CLUB research report HERE!!

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2 responses to “The 1%CLUB Uganda research report

  1. Hi, Sorry for sending this with a comment post – I couldn’t find any contact email addresses. I’m thinking about moving to Amsterdam to live with my girlfriend. I would like to study ICT4D and want to ask you guys some questions about the program you’re in at UVA. Would you guys mind following up this comment post with an email so that I can ask you some questions? I’m a real person, not a bot – check out my website to verity :-). Thanks, Ben

  2. Revolution finally in Ug?

    Hi guys: sitting here with 1 Mbps internet for less than 20 USD/month. If course, it took a foreign company to come in with some cheap dongles to do it and largely bypass the local bureaucracy (Orange).

    Maybe follow up in your research projects?


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