Visit to the Afrika Studie Centrum in Leiden, the Netherlands

We made a visit to the Afrika Studie Centrum in Leiden, the Netherlands.

Needless to say, this is a completely unique resource at our fingertips. If you have not been to the ASC we  recommend checking it out. 

We were lucky (thanks to Marieke) to manage a meeting with both Dr. Andre Leliveld and Dr. Rijk van Dijk.

It was great to meet researchers who have years of experience working with the topics and countries we are interested in.

We were particularly interested to learn about their research program on Connections and Transformations.

They are doing some ground breaking research on mobile communication in Africa and we will be reading through much of their work.

We look forward to keeping them posted on our progress and hope to meet with the team again in a few weeks.

Meeting with Dr. Andre Leliveld and Dr. Rijk van Dijk


6 responses to “Visit to the Afrika Studie Centrum in Leiden, the Netherlands

  1. Okot Alphonse Abude

    Hey l work for an orgaization that is implementing ICT 4 Peace in Uganda and am very interested in exchanging ideas with you since we are working in the same field.
    looking foward to hearing from you

  2. Okot Alphonse Abude

    l guess this will benefity bothof others in this field of cordination and communications

  3. Okot Alphonse Abude

    Hello Thanks for the initiative and all the advanced comments made by you. l believe through sahring of the informations and cordinations we can succeed in empowering the youth and local population benefits from this project.
    Don’t hesistate to contact me for any comments and clarifications
    Thanks and Cheers,
    Alphonse Gulu Uganda

  4. Great to hear from you Okot. Do you have an e-mail address where we can reach you ?

    Regards and speak soon !

  5. Okot Alphonse Abude

    Thanks and keep it up Cheers to the whole team

  6. Okot Alphonse Abude

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